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L wig for sale

Hey all,

I know I just posted here a couple of days ago but I have another item for sale - this is my last Death Note thing left so I shan't spam you any more!

I'm selling an L cosplay wig that's only been worn twice and is in great condition. It comes with an adjustable strap inside so will fit any head size. Photos of me wearing it can be found here: (I can put up more photos if needed)



It's already up on eBay since someone said they'd buy it but seems to have changed their mind. eBay link is here:


The listing says I only ship to UK, but if anyone abroad is interested I can edit this. Postage abroad is fairly cheap.

I'm posting this to a couple of communities, so sorry if I've unintentionally spammed you!
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Matt goggles for sale!

Edit: Now sold!

Hey all,

I'm selling some Matt goggles that I bought for a cosplay but ended up never wearing. They're like new and have hardly been taken out of the box. I thought that I'd check out if anyone was interested in buying them before I put them on eBay, then I can avoid pointless listing fees if no-one ends up buying them.

They have dark lenses but come with a pair of yellow lenses that you can slot in instead. The strap is adjustable so they'll fit anyone.

Pics are in the links below as for some reason I couldn't get them to go under a cut. I got my sister to model for them but scribbled out her face because she was embarrassed. xD Please ignore my messy room OTL





So... anyone interested? I live in England but could ship abroad if necessary. Selling them for about £10 plus postage but price can be negotiated. I can put them on eBay once we've got a deal and give you the link right away, for safe payment yadda yadda.

(I'm crossposting this to a few communities so sorry if I've unintentionally spammed you)
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Hey guys,

Just sharing some (fairly lulz) cosplay photographs that we decided to do on a whim. These costumes were actually from years ago but we only managed to get proper shots now ... and since there's two of us cosplaying four characters, we decided to be idiots and photoshop ourselves with ourselves XD

Silver as L and Mello | Harmony as Light and Matt
Photography by rayfy_chan with edit by Silver


... We think that in general, we went into this shoot with the intention of a bit of lulz and dividing 4 characters between the 2 of us was fun to figure out so we hope you'll be just as amused XD

Thanks for letting us share!
Silver & Harmony
klaine kiss

(no subject)

Hello i'm new to the comm. ^_^ Yeah. Anyways, Halloween is coming up and it's the one time of year my parents don't roll their eyes at my cosplay. As such i'm taking full advantage of this and am cosplaying Mello for Halloween and then afterwards when ever i feel like it, and probably while i'm in Tokyo. lol. Anyways, to the point. I've been able to find all the pieces to Mello cosplay except for that damn vest that seems to elude me. All the one's i do find would not fit me ( 38 inch chest..damn these boobs)....does anyone know where i can get a vest for Mello cosplay? It's the only thing i'm truly missing. Thank you in advance for any help.

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Hi guys, I'll be going as L, Near, and Matt to Otakon this year. It is my first time cosplaying at an anime convention so huge. I have only been to one before and it was small. I have two pics. One of Near, and one of L. Near's is pretty complete (minus the nailpolish also. haha), and L I just have to go buy the shirt. They are harder to find than I thought.

Anyway! Here you are :)


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(no subject)

Hi guys, I'm new here. I am going to be going to Otakon this year as Matt, and I need pointed in the right direction on a few items. I can not seem to find the following anywhere:

- Black and white long sleeve shirt (who knew it would be so hard?)
-Matt's goggles.

Anyone who could help, I would greatly appreciate it.

Also, if you're going to be at Otakon and need a Matt (And I'll be gong with a Misa) for your group, let me know! ♥


Hey guys, newbie member here! I just wanted to post this pic of me cosplaying as L, with my plushie equivalent. I think it's pretty funny XD

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